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Welcome to Yanik's Photo School!

My name is Yanik Chauvin, professional photographer and videographer since 2006 (has it been that long already?) :) I started out as a stock and editorial photographer working with international publishing houses which I still do today but my focus is more on commercial photography. I have a strong passion for video so you might see specific video courses one day here on YPS. :)

I've always loved teaching and sharing my knowledge. I taught at the University of Ottawa and the University of North London and gave many photography workshops locally.

I created Yanik's Photo School in 2008 with the goal of sharing my photography knowledge with passionate photo enthusiasts like you. Until 2015, the format was simply a blog with random tutorials and, even though it was perfect for me at the time, I thought I could give more if I added structured content.

After a lot of work, the new YPS is now an online learning environment with complete photography courses!  You can now follow your progress as you take a course.

I'll be adding more courses through time for you to grow and become a better photographer. 

I hope you enjoy my teaching style and the personal attention I give to all the content here on YPS.

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Yanik's Photo School offers high quality comprehensive photography courses for anyone passionate about improving their skills.

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