Adding a Watermark in Lightroom 3 – Video Tutorial

This is the third and last Lightroom 3 video tutorial that I’ll be posting on the new and upgraded features in this wonderful software. There are more new tweaks and upgrades but, for me, these three are the major ones that will affect the quality of my work. If you’d like more detailed tutorials on Lightroom 3, I invite you to sign up to any of the Lightroom 3 tutorials from Kelby Training.

In this Lightroom 3 video tutorial, I’ll be covering the upgrades made to the watermarking feature. You’ll notice that you have a lot more flexibility with placement and design which will make you watermark more professional.

Here are some great books from the YPS bookshelf.


7 responses on "Adding a Watermark in Lightroom 3 - Video Tutorial"

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for Video Tutorial about watermark…
    Yes this is so simple and useful 🙂

    Thanks guys!

  2. I’m disappointed that you will not be creating more Lightroom video tutorials. I found them very useful in that they are a great learning tool. Thank you for all of your work. Joe McDonald

  3. that was great, ill try it now…

  4. Please keep in mind that all of us out here don’t have Lightroom 3.

  5. Hi Yanik! Thank you for the simple instructions on this important topic!

  6. Great as always! Thanks!

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