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[singlepic=51,320,240,,left]Good morning every body

I just had the opportunity to test drive Adobe’s free online image editing software called Photoshop Express.

Having been an avid Photoshop user for roughly 7 years and also giving workshops, I wasn’t expecting much from a free Flash-based software. But boy was I impressed when I loaded my first image and started playing with the various adjustments. Let me break it down for you:

[singlepic=48,320,240,,left]Editing Menu The editing menu is packed with great tools that are currently available in PS CS. See the image on the side for the tool list. If you are used to using editing sofware, you will recognise many of them. One that truly impressed me, even though it is somewhat limitied, is the Black & White option giving photographers to choose various outputs from various color channels. I also enjoyed the Touchup tool which works just like the Remove Spots tool in Adobe Lightroom (similar the the Healing Brush in Photoshop CS and above). One that I wasn’t familiar but could be lots of fun for the hobbyist is the Pop Color tool. It works like a selective desaturation of certain color groups and then changes the hue of the remaining colors. The saturation tool has a nifty check box the preserve skin tone colors. It works relatively well but it does have its limitations on the extreme desaturation side.[singlepic=49,320,240,,left]

I didn’t find any use for the Auto Correct tool as it was far from being precise. Also the Sketch and Distort tools are more for having fun then actual image adjusting. I’m glad they’re at the bottom of the tool bar. 😉

The zoom feature (bottom left) is also quite impressive allowing you to zoom in at 800%! Talk about getting up close and personal with your pixels! 🙂 [singlepic=50,150,150,,left]

Management: A part from photo editing, you can easily manage your photos by placing them in Galleries and Albums. You can place your albums in “MyGallery” to make them public. Also, if you have a Facebook, Photobucket or Picasa acount, you can login directly from Photoshop Express and it will automatically import the images, albums and all. You also have a search box at the bottom left to find specific images. You may also add a caption and a star rating to better find and manage your images.

[singlepic=52,37,37,,left] I also enjoyed the full screen option (top right) eliminating browser clutter. You get 2GB of free space to store and share your photos which could be useful as a small backup when you’re away from home and don’t have any other backup solutions. . PS Express is still in beta so I can’t wait to see what V1.0 will look like. 🙂

All in all, this free online image editor is easy to use, works relatively fast and has enough features for standard image processing. It could also be useful to a professional whose laptop suddenly blows up on location and needs to edit and send images pronto. 😉 I highly recommend this free online image editor for anyone not owning Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. It’s a great way to learning the basics of photo editing.


J’aimerais vous introduire à Photoshop Express, un logiciel de retouche photos fait par Adobe. J’ai eu l’oportunité de le tester et je vous le recommande fortement! Le logiciel est directement sur le Web donc rien à installer sur votre ordi! Vous avez même 2 gb d’espace gratuit. C’est le logiciel gratuit le plus puissant à date. Vous avez même l’otion d’éliminer le boutons et les rides! 🙂


PS: I just did a tutorial on Photoshop Express. You can view part I here. Enjoy!

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  1. It’s amazing how they make this software, sometimes it might be even preferable if you like lighter (in size AND options) programmes.
    It does the important jobs, sometimes I just wonder why learning the big ones if more and more of them do the basics- for example I am trying to decide between Lightroom and Capture One, I need a light programme for pre-editing and viewing and I am afraid I will not have to open the Photoshop after that!!

    On the side, I wanted to say that I very much like your gallery, quite interesting and various.


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