And the YPS Scholarship Award Winner is…

Before I announce the winner of the first bi-annual YPS Scholarship Award, I would like to thank all who took the time to spread the word about the contest and most importantly, all who took the time to enter.

To all who entered, thank you for submitting your tips.

Ok, now to announce the winner. Drum roll please… drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. And the winner is… Jamie Gilbert! Congratulations! You are the first ever winner of the soon to be famous YPS Scholarship Award. I know you’ll enjoy your 1 year membership to

Of course this award wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of Scott Kelby and so a big thank you once again!

If you missed out or did win this time around, don’t worry. This is a bi-annual contest so you’ll have your chance to participate again in roughly 6 months.

I’ll leave you today with Jamie’s winning entry tip.


“This is a really simple photography tip for shooting people who are not used to being photographed and are perhaps a bit scared of the lens. I use it a lot for close-ups of musicians…

With the person in front of you, compose the shot and get your focus point locked. Then (and this takes a little practice) lift your head up, move it to the side and make eye contact with the person. Smile slightly, raise your eyebrows and watch the discomfort melt away. Then SNAP! What you get is a very natural looking photo of someone who may otherwise have been noticeably cautious. It’s amazing how often this works. You can also increase the distance you move away from the camera to get a more candid look. Remember to think like a street mime: hold that camera dead still and move only your head sideways!”

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  1. Congrats Jamie and nice tip (works even better on a tripod 😀 )

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