Before and After: Costa Rica Landscape

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that I recently took a lovely trip to Costa Rica. Of course, traveling means travel photography (and video)! And, in Costa Rica, you focus on nature in all its grandeur! Of course the wildlife was at the forefront of my imagery including tons of birds but the landscape was also breathtaking.

In this Lightroom video tutorial, I’ll show you how to bring the most potential out of your landscape images. You can apply these techniques to virtually any landscape image. So have  fun and let me know what you think!

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6 responses on "Before and After: Costa Rica Landscape"

  1. Impressive before and after.

    Many thanks for the tutorial. Now I do not avoid hazy weather and do not delete foggy images any more.

  2. Great tutorial. I’ve never thought to use a colour graduated filter to add coolness to the landscape. Many thanks.

  3. Thanks for this! BTW, I’ve added you to my ‘Lightroom Links’ page:


  4. Nice tutorial, Yanik. Quick, to the point and useful. I’ll have to try more use of the gradient with color for some of my landscape shots.

  5. Good question jeff

    The answer is simple, there was a lot of haze in the air. This is Costa Rica in the wet season so the humidity factor is wayyyyy up. it’s almost always hazy or misty.

  6. I think you do a great job with all your tutorials and appreaciate the learnings. I think the Costa Rica tutorial does a great job of demonstating of how LR can bring life to an otherwise dull shot, but I have to ask; couldn’t a better image been captured at the time of the shot. What made it so washed out and flat from the start.

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