Before and After: Old Style Photo – Lightroom Video Tutorial

Time for another Lightroom video tutorial! 🙂 I’ll be showing you how I post processed a landscape photo to make it look like it was taken decades ago… with a little modern twist.

All of  the post processing was done in Lightroom except for the last effect. The grain was added in Photoshop.

The photo I chose to use is a landscape shot of a foggy Spring morning in Gatineau, Quebec. It just felt like a blast from the past while I was taking it so I knew that I would be giving it that mood later on in Lightroom. Here’s the final photo:

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3 responses on "Before and After: Old Style Photo - Lightroom Video Tutorial"

  1. Don’t thank me, thank Matt K, and then thank yourself because it’s due to the YPS scholarship that I watched his Lightroom videos on 😀

    The circle is complete. Woo!

  2. @Jamie

    Ya, I don’t really like that preset. 🙂

    Ya I know about the double clicking thing but I missed my aim and double clicked on the number! ha! But it’s good you mention it so that others can know! Good catch. 🙂

  3. Cool! Of course there is always the old photo preset 😛 Not always suitable though…

    Did you know you can double click on a slider or its title to reset it? So when you reset the saturation you could have just double-clicked the the word ‘saturation’. Just in case you didn’t know 🙂

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