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[singlepic=47,320,240,,left]Well guys…. being a Fench Canadian, I have a strong French speaking following and I was asked why my blog was in English. To be honest, I was torn. I eventually decided to go with English as most (if not all) of my French speaking readers understand English which is not true the other way around. And typing everything in both languages was out of the question since it’s soooooo time consuming. So that was my head speaking….

After discussing the issue with people close to me, I’m happy to say that I found a middle ground. So here it is… posts related to Quebec events or issues will be in French with an English summary. All other posts will be in English with a French summary. Ahh the joys of living in the Great White North! 🙂 I’ll try it out for a while and hope for the best!


Mes chers lecteurs francophones

J’ai pris la décision d’incorporer ma belle langue maternelle dans tous mes écrits du blog. 🙂 Lorsque le thème touchera le Québec, mes commentaires seront en français avec un résumé anglophone (merci de ne pas m’avoir trop tombé dessus pour mon entrée de Ste-Justine!). Tous mes autres commentaires seront en anglais avec un résumé en français. Je vais essayer ce format et on verra bien! 🙂

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