Free Color Gels for your Flashguns!

So you guys have been seeing my tutorials using my SB-800s… I hope.  😉

And with my latest tutorial on fashion setups I used more than just the CTO gels that come with the SB-800. I used some blue, green and red one as well. So some of you have been asking me: “Hey, Yanik. Cool tutorials, but where did you get those colored gels from? I’d like some too!”

So I’ll tell you! Personnaly, I got mine at my local photo store in Montreal called L.L. Lozeau. I got 2 packs with hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of gels for roughly $5.00 each. They were selling the Lee Filters brand. I did some didding and found out that you can actually get them for free straight from there Website HERE. You’ll have to pay shipping of course so it might be cheaper paying 5 bucks at your local photo store than having them shipped from England (unless you live there!).

But wait! There’s more! 🙂 You can also get some free samples from Rosco as well. Shipping is $7.50 and you can only get 1 set. I also saw the Rosco brand at B&H. You might want to check shipping at B&H as it might be lower. They have them priced at $0.01, so… free. And you can get up to 2 per order. The size is really perfect for flashguns.

Ok, so you ordered them and received them. How do you put them on? Simple, my dear Watson. Scotch Tape. Voila!

5 responses on "Free Color Gels for your Flashguns!"

  1. Hey, I’ve been using these as well! I got mine from a DJ supply store which sells gels for music lighting. They were sample packs that they just give away!! It’s been the coolest find ever. They fit so perfectly under the diffusion head of my SB 600 an SB 800. A few dark reds together can also mute out the onboard flash (commander) when using my SB flashes in remote mode. The red filter still allows the infrared beam to pass through, triggering the flashes. Set the on board flash to — anyway, but this way you get no flash-through. Overexposed film also works but I have not much of that left.

  2. Vistek in Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Calgary, Willow Park and Edmonton will give out free Lee Filter gels as well. Some stores may not have them, so you’ll have to ask. The Toronto store stocks them.

  3. Yay – thanks for this Yanik, I do live in England and got them literally 2 days after I filled in the online form all for freeee! Happy, Happy 🙂

  4. Hehehe! I wish! Soon… soon… 😉

  5. 2 days after putting them on my wish list, b&h sold out!
    you must have some clout Yanik….just like Opra !

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