Get Topaz DeNoize now at $20 off!

There are many third party plugins for Lightroom but my favorite still is the Topaz Labs suite. In this suite, my favorites include Topaz Adjust, Topaz ReMask and, of course Topaz Denoize.

I’m such a fan of Topaz Labs that I’ve even given free live webinars in partnership with Topaz (see below)! Yes, that’s how much I love their products. 🙂

Those of you who’ve been following Yanik’s Photo School for many years, you know that I rarely promote products unless I tested them and I know that they will improve your photography workflow, and Topaz products like DeNoize is one of them. I haven’t just tested it, I use it regularly!

And right now DeNoize is on sale for a limited time so it’s the best time to grab your copy! Just enter code JUNEDENOIZE at checkout. That’s it!


As you can see from peer reviews, DeNoize is awesome and no other noise removal software come close in my opinion.

topaz denoize review


Check out my free Topaz Labs webinars right here to get a great idea of how many of their products work to enhance your images!

July 14, 2015

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