Time-Lapse Photography

Time-Lapse Photography is the technique of capturing images at a lower frame rate than the viewing frame rate thus making the scene move faster. For example, if you’re taking 2 frames per second (fps) and stitching them together at 30 fps, the movie will  be 15 times faster.

Time-Lapse photography is essentially the opposite of slow motion photography.

Here are 2 examples shot with a DSLR and stitched in Adobe Premiere.

It’s now easier than ever to create time-lapse videos with your mobile devices as well. If you’re running iOS 8 or above, the basic camera app has a simple time-lapse feature which is fully automatic. If you’d like total control over the creation of your time-lapse, here are 2 great iPhone apps that I suggest:

itimelapsepro      fast camera


Wikipedia has a complete description for you geeks out there. 🙂


July 1, 2015
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