How to Backup Your Photos on Location – Video Tutorial

I’ve had a few requests on how I backup my photos when I travel or when I’m shooting on location. So when I went to Gaspésie for my Aqua Mer contract, I borrowed my good friend’s video camera to shoot a few videos for Yanik’s Photo School. Here’s the first one!

In this video tutorial, I’ll share with you my image backup workflow from A to Z. It’s strongly related to my written tutorial on my shooting workflow. I’ve shown it to a few people already and they laughed when I was mentioning that things could blow up. Ok, ok, not likely but I have seen it on Youtube! I’m using both my laptop and my trusty Epson P-3000.

I also invite to post your workflow in the comments below.

PS: You finally get to see my face! 😉

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[vimeo 1883591]
[youtube VlYjiZyb0xY]

2 responses on "How to Backup Your Photos on Location - Video Tutorial"

  1. Hi Yanik,

    Great post once again.

    I cant afford an Epson p3000 at the moment, so what i do, is i take my laptop with me, and i backup from the card to my laptop, leave a copy on the laptop and then burn a DVD and put the DVD in separate luggage.

    On some occassions i have also posted the DVD home to myself, just in case if all 3 of my items were ever stolen or destroyed. So if i was on a plane or something.

    Anal? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely!

    I also sleep easier at night if i know i have a backup! 😀

  2. Cool! I’ll be honest with you.. I take my chances most of the time, even when the shots are great. I’m a very bad person. I’d love to have one of those Epson’s though 🙂

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