How to Safely Pack Your Photo Equipment for Travel

Summer’s here and travel plans are being made all over the world (myself included). Chances are, if you’re reading Yanik’s Photo School, you’ll have fun packing your photo gear for your trip.

This post isn’t about what to bring but more on how to bring it. It coincides with a recent mishap my good friend and fellow photographer Martin Perreault had with one of his lenses while traveling to Jamaica for a shoot. Take a look at my interview with Martin to see what not to do with your gear while traveling. 🙂

BTW: we mention putting the lens hoods on… we meant lens caps. We’re French Canadians, we’re aloud to make mistakes. 😉

[vimeo 5043490]

[youtube MGTsMwFqecY]

So, to sum it all up, here are Martin’s recommendations:

  • Keep your lenses off you camera body, especially with a big pro body
  • Get insurance for your photo equipment
  • If you keep your lens on your body, make sure it’s leveled
  • Keep your lenses and other fragile gear in the padded area of your backpack. Don’t put them in the top compartment.

I’d like to thank Martin for taking the time to share is mishap with us. You can check out his site at: (note that there is adult content on his site).

2 responses on "How to Safely Pack Your Photo Equipment for Travel"

  1. Great article Yanik….regard from Bali Island

  2. I had a verry symilar plroblem with my 18-55mm lense, the atachments to the lense broke off. it probably happened when i packed my bag imn the car with all the other stuff. I was lucky because i kept all the pieces and stuck them with superglue the first several times my lense autofocus didnt work buth thn it started to slowly work again and now my lense works perfectly well.
    But my lense only had some plastic parts that hold the lense and the body togheter no mechanical metal pieces! but if it is going to be put in the garbage try it! immagine it works you just made 2000$ thanks to insurance

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