How to Take Super Macro Photos

I’ve just written a guest post for one of the most popular photography learning sites out on the Net called Digital Photography School. For more info on DPS, check out my review.

I’m a big fan of macro photography. So much so that when I chose my first ever digital camera, the Nikon Coolpix 4500, it was mostly based on its macro capabilities. And when I purchased my Nikon D70 with kit lens, the next lens in my bag was the Sigma 105mm macro. I still have my trusty Sigma 105mm and I use it often.

Not long after that, I discovered SUPER MACRO photography! So my next purchase was a Nikkor 50mm lens. No, not for portraits. It was to reverse it on my Sigma 105mm to shoot some wicked super macro photos!

In this article, I explain step by step how to set your gear up for super macro photography. I also show you some fun sample images.

Alright! Let’s go read the article already! 🙂

*note: I mention using a step-down ring to screw your 50mm lens on your macro lens. It seems the proper term would be reverse or reversing ring. Basically a male-male thread. I got kinda blasted for that in the comments. 😉

3 responses on "How to Take Super Macro Photos"

  1. Yanik;

    You’re awesome! Thanks for the tips, it is always amazing that just when you think you know things someone comes along and shows you something new or forgotten. Been loving your tips, looking forward to trying them out. Thanks for sharing, hope you get a chance to come and see us at the Orleans Photo Club again. Keep up the good work, eh?!!

  2. Yanik, What a great post over at DPS. I just love this technique. thanks for sharing.

  3. I read the article over on dps last week, great stuff. I have always loved the macro side of photography, one of the very first lenses I ever bought was a nikkor 105mm macro, had never thought about adding my 50mm to it, thanks.

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