Soften Skin Brush – Lightroom Video Tutorial

Here’s another Adobe Lightroom 2 video tutorial. In my first Lightroom video tutorial, I mentioned what I thought were all the options for the new adjustment brush. But thanks to a Yanik’s Photo School reader, Rickey Lane, I learned that the soon to be famous adjustmenet brush has a hidden feature. And a pretty amazing one to boot! Just another reason not to go back into Photshop™ and use Neat Image or Noise Ninja to soften the skin up. Yeah, you guessed it, the hidden feature is called “soften skin”. It,s actually a combination of negative clarity and positive sharpening. It works wonders! Again, what’s amazing is that it’s localised and it’s non destructive. WOW!

I invite you to download the free 30 day trial version by clicking on this banner. You’ll fall in love! 🙂 Adobe, you’ve done it again!

Here are a few books on Lightroom 2 that might come in handy:

Inside Lightroom 2
Lightroom 2 for Digital Photographers
Lightroom 2: Classroom in a Book

Enjoy the tutorial!

[vimeo 1473186]

11 responses on "Soften Skin Brush - Lightroom Video Tutorial"

    you dont know how I appreciate this

  2. For those who doesn’t find this option like me, after a quick search on the net, I find that it’s just a brush preset with a clarity value of -100 and a sharpening value of +25.

    Like Geoff said earlier, just click the little “Show Effect Sliders” switch to the right to set these values, then create a new brush preset with those values called “soften skin”, and you got it !

    Thanks for the tips !

  3. I downloaded the trial version 2.4 and to my surprise the Skin Softner is not there as detailed in this tutorial. If I knew the setting I guess I could make it a Preset. However, just wondering why it isn’t present?? Maybe because it is a trial version???

  4. friend i try to use this tecnique but the soft skin didnt appear how can i activate?

  5. Very helpful. Video (instead of text) is a great way to learn the brush tool. Thanks for taking the time to create it!

  6. Awesome!!!!!! I so love lightroom. Thanks for sharing

  7. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing it.

  8. very great tutorial!


  9. simple and great!

    thanks for sharing this!


  10. Excellent tutorial.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledges.

    Thanks from Spain.

    Luis Blanco

  11. You mentioned that you cannot shift-click more than one of the seven effects (such as when you choose the “Soften Skin” effect preset). However, if you click the little “Show Effect Sliders” switch to the right of the effect (i.e. Exposure, which is the default), you can change all the sliders that you want.

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