My Interview at Phottix Journal

I’m still in Rochester on a 12 day shoot. I’m now half way through this marathon and I’m enjoying all the challenges of such a long shoot. This means a little less time to focus on Yanik’s Photo School for a couple of weeks so I thought I would share with you a recently published interview that I did with Phottix Journal.

Here’s the introduction…

“He’s shoots and his images score, to use an old hockey standard, and appropriate as Yanik Chauvin, featured today on Photog Friday, is from Canada.  Yanik isn’t content with taking great photographs, he also wants to share his knowledge. His website, Yanik’s Photo School, is full of video tutorials, software tips and tricks and lighting set-ups: A must-visit for all photographers. How did Yanik get started? What are his secrets? What does he have up his sleeve?”

Click here to read the rest! 🙂

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  1. Somehow the piece does not do you justice. Can´t put my finger on it.

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