New Tutorials Coming Soon on YPS!

Hello fellow photography enthusiast readers! It’s been close to two weeks since my latest post but I’m still here! 🙂 I still haven’t figured out how to clone myself and the higher powers that may be have yet to increase the number of hours in a day. Lucky for me, I’m super busy with my photography business but at the same time this means a bit less time goes to Yanik’s Photo School.

For those of you wondering, YPS is still alive and kicking and I promise you new tutorials very soon. I have a couple in the works and I just have to get around finishing them up for you. I even created some cool Lightroom presets for you to download! 🙂

So hang in there and remember that patience is a virtue. The next tutorial will be coming your way before the end of the month. Scout’s honor! Until then, follow me on Twitter so that you can enjoy my daily iPhone photos as well as my RTs that feature photography learning links!

Until then, have a laugh (or a cry) by watching me make an a$$ of myself with my application to the Greatest Job in the World. 🙂

[vimeo 3220319]

4 responses on "New Tutorials Coming Soon on YPS!"

  1. Good, you are in good humour. I am sorry you didn’t get the job, it did sound like a great job. PS. I love the pix of your cats.

  2. @ Elizabeth

    Ya tell ma about it. don’t worry though, I didn’t get the job. 🙂 Probably because of the spelling mistake! Hahahahaha!

  3. Hey
    I love your twitter, I follow you always, so please understand this critique is only to offer help, in your video (which is brilliant) you spelled the word ‘courteous’ incorrectly.
    It isn’t with the letter ‘i’ , rather with an ‘e’. Is it too late?
    I hope you get the job!!

  4. Stop twitting and get your ass moving 😛

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