Nikon D300s Video Sample

As promised in myD300s photo samples post a few days back, I’m back with the video footage taken on that same day on the St-Laurence river.

All of the D300s movie clips are unprocessed straight out of the camera filmed in HD. I used my trusty Nikkor 80-400mm VR lens and I spent most of the time between 250-400mm with the VR on.

My first impressions are that the video quality is awesome in HD. Most of the video clips were shot at ISO 400 to get a bit more shutter speed and the noise is practically non existent. As you can tell I was hand holding the D300s all the time and I was a bit worried at first for camera shake zoomed in tight beyond 300mm but to my surprise the VR seemed to do a good job.

As expected, the auto focus is slow and poor. Sometimes I actually pre-focused before going into live view since the surfers were moving a lot. I also find the location of the auto focus button to be very odd and non-ergonomic (the AE-L button). I guess there’s a mechanical reason why it can’t be done by pressing the shutter button half way. Zooming in and out will take some practice, especially with bigger lenses.

Enjoy my little amateur montage! 🙂

[vimeo 6510150] [youtube lMauD9ztQsg]

3 responses on "Nikon D300s Video Sample"

  1. Thanks for the sample.

    You may find that in shooting video routine use of a tripod will give you better shots. It’s a bit of a culture shift for still photographers…

    You will also find that capturing sound during wedding ceremonies will be a challenge. Read Jay Rose’s books on audio for video.

  2. one thing for sure, i never like multi purpose equipment, it will never work as good as one purpose equipment.

  3. Thanks for sharing! It’s obvious lack of better OIS, but other than that I welcome video in dSLR world. I love that DOF you’ll get in video cameras only in the most expensive setups.

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