Nikon D60 – Review

[singlepic=285,320,240,,left]Here’s my second post for entry level DSLRs. I’m posting this one right away following my Canon 450D review so that you may compare them if you’re currently in the market to upgrade your current DSLR or planning on switching from your point & shoot to a DSLR.

The Nikon D60 was released in early 2008 and it replaces the Nikon D40x. It’s a direct competitor to the Canon 450D in both quality and price. Both are excellent cameras.

The Nikon D60‘s 18-55mm VR kit lens, like its Canon equivalent, is a good entry level lens but again lacks the range to make it a “fun” walk around lens. Depending on your budget and photography style, I suggest one of three lenses: the Nikkor 18-70mm, the Nikkor 18-135mm or the Nikkor 18-200mm VR (you can also get the Sigma equivalent). I personally own and love my 18-200mm VR. The range is amazing and it’s the perfect travel lens. Remember that your camera bodies will always change but your lenses stay with you, so getting good lenses right away will avoid having to purchase new ones down the road.

Some of the key features include:

  • 10.2 megapixel Sensor
  • Integrated Dust Reduction System
  • Fast continuous shooting mode of up to 100 JPEG images at 3 frames per second
  • Active D-Lighting
  • Bright and clear viewfinder with 0.8x magnification
  • Long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery – up to 500 images on a single charge
  • 2.5 inch LCD monitor

Check out the full in-depth review at DPReview! Here’s a side by side chart of both cameras.

May 23, 2008

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  1. I have a Nikon D 60 and your lense suggestions are really really apreciated!

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