Obsessive Compulsive Behavior

Happy Monday everybody. 🙂

[singlepic=62,320,240,,left]This is our first Spring in our new home “out in the bush”. So seeing nature come alive after a cold winter and 12 feet of snow (a record) is awe-inspiring to say the least! I took my canoe out for the first time a few days back and made my way down river to see if the lake had started to melt. To my joy, the currents had melted a part of the ice for about 200 feet in. I got to soak up this unique and beautiful scenery and I saw these two love birds, actually called Common Mergansers, basking in the warm sun on the edge of the ice. What a sight!

Sitting back at my desk transferring the photos from my CF card, I hear a short scratching sound from the window on my right. I peak out and see this lovely American Robin perched on a branch just 10 feet from me staring right at me. I sit back down thinking that the bird noticed there was a window and wouldn’t try to ram into again, not to mention that we haven’t done our Spring window cleaning yet so they’re quite dirty and it’s quite obvious there’s a barrier there. Boy was I wrong! He went at it again, and again, and again. What was he doing? He surely wasn’t trying to clean my windows! This continued for most of the day to my cat’s delight. The next day, there he was again, fluttering in the window. We closed the blinds thinking he would stop…. and he did… until we heard him thrashing in another window! It went on most of the day. Our theory is that maybe he sees his reflection and thinks it’s another bird but what do we know! 🙂 This is day 3 and he’s at it again. Talk about an obsessive compulsive behavior. Is there such a thing as a bird shrink? We affectionately named him Merlin (in French, a robin is a “merle”).

The most important thing is that he’s giving a great show and a great photo opportunity! I used both my Nikkor 80-400mm VR and my Sigma 105mm on my D300 body.

Technical: I shot in aperture priority keeping my 80-400mm at f7.1-f8 to get sharp images and my 105mm wide open at 2.8 to get more speed and freeze him as he hit the window. To get even more speed I set my camera to -1EV at ISO200. You can boost exposure in post processing but you can remove blur from movement! 🙂

Wishing you a great week. And don’t forget that part 2 of my video walkthrough of Adobe Photoshop Express will be online tomorrow! In the mean time, you can view part 1 here.


Bon début de semaine!

Voici des images d’un couple de grands harles que j’ai pris lors de mon premier tour de canoë sur le lac. Et des photos uniques d’un merle d’Amérique obsédé par nos fenêtres! Depuis 3 jours qu’il essaie d’entrer par la fenêtre. Il se donne à cœur joie au 30 secondes environ. Tout un phénomène! 🙂

Je vous souhaite une belle semaine.

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