Off-Campus Learning Links for January

Here are your January off-campus learning links.

I thought I would add at the end of the list a “non learning” Youtube video. It’s really worth it!  🙂

And remember, if you find great articles about photography learning that aren’t listed that month, please share them in the comments so that we may all benefit from them.

Photography learning links for December

On DIYPhotography, Udi has a great post on printing your own photography projects like colored gels.Very clever!

At DPS, there’s a nice article giving you 9 tips to getting your backgrounds right.

A subject that was brought up this month by some of the most influential photographers on the Net is “working for free”. These 3 articles fall into the philosophy of being a photographer and are excellent food for thought. If YPS had a philosophy department, these articles would be in it!

It all started with David Hooby over at Strobist.

Then Chase Jarvis wrote his piece.

Followed by a superbe article by Joe McNally

Here’s MSNBC’s 2008 year in pictures. What a great compilation!
Here’s a great video with simple lighting setups using only 2 SB-26s and Pock Wizards.

[youtube fmgXSaJauVs]
OK, you won’t learn much from this video but I guaranty you’ll have a good laugh! 🙂

[youtube tnwf2RShNV0]

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