Off Campus Learning Links for September

That time of the month again to round up some uber cool photography tutorials from around the web. It’s always a fun experience for me to write this post for you since I learn so much every day from talented photographers like you. It’s one of the reasons I love my job so much!

Photo Tidbits has a very detailed tutorial on the depth of field (DOF).

For the more advanced Photoshop users out there, TheDesignCubical has an awesome Color Correction walkthrough.

Peta Pixel has the simple steps to taking good humming bird shots. On the same subject, you can also check out Yanik’s Photo School’s tutorial on taking perfect bird photos.

If you’re a parent wanting great photos of your kids, check out these 8 tips from Digital Photography School. has an eye-opening article on the Dirty Tricks of Food Photography. A deliciously fun read.

Imaging Professional has a great tutorial on stacking high ISO files in Photoshop to reduce the final noise output. Very cool!

Photographer Derek Powazek has a Savy Approach to Copyright Messaging. Nice!

Last but not least, a superbe post by one of my favorite photographers Chase Jarvis on things to do when your creativity is stale. Quite inspirational!

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