Off-Campus Learning Links for December

There are so many cool and informative photography articles out there that I’ve decided to start an “Off-Site Learning” post. This post will be once a month for now and will focus on links that I found engaging and informative. It’s all about getting as much information in you to continue to perfect your skill as a photographer.

I hope you enjoy this new feature at Yanik’s Photo School. And if you find great articles about photography learning that aren’t listed that month, please share them in the comments so that we may all benefit from them.

Photography learning links for December

– Syl Arena has an article about using high speed sync with your small strobes like the Canon 580EX or the Nikon SB-900. You can sync them up to 1/8000 sec!

– On the same theme, you can look at an oldy but a goody by David Hobby over at Strobist on high speed sync for Nikons. At the end of the article, you’ll also find this very informative PDF by

– Did you manage to get the free gel packs for your speedlights? If so, ever wondered how ALL the colors would turn out? Well, Peter Emmett did so he shot them all just for you! Check it out!

– Chase Jarvis has a video out about “Making the Web Work for You”.  I haven’t watched the whole thing yet (it’s an unedited 82 minutes!!) but from what I’ve seen, it’s well worth it. So get out the popcorn and enjoy!

– Over at Lightroom Killer Tips, Matt Kloskowski goes over how to add a watermark in Lightroom! How cool is that. 🙂

– Do you still think your Lightroom is slow and cluncky? Then you should check this article out by Jim Goldstein that just might heelp speed things up for you. 4 quick ways to boost Lightroom performance.

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