Feb 28 2010

YPS Blog Downtime

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broken link.thumbnail YPS Blog DowntimeIt had to happen at some point….. roughly 3 days ago Yanik’s Photo School got a bug. The only page you could access was the index page.  All other links were corrupted.
vide YPS Blog Downtime
The thing is that I was on a shoot and then went directly out of town for the weekend none the wiser. Boy was I surprised when I accessed YPS on Saturday to find out it was down! PANIC! I tried installing a backup… nothing.  I tried re-posting some content…. nothing. I googled far and wide in cyber space to find any hint… nothing. I called my server to see if they had done something… nope.
vide YPS Blog Downtime
It was only today that I finally found out what had happened. The htacces file had vanished. How and why is still a mystery since I hadn’t touched YPS before the event. The happy thing is that all is back in order!



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  1. Markon 04 Mar 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Thanks for getting the site back up and working! This is my “go to” place for learning about photography and post-processing, and I’m constantly sending other people here when they asked how I learned to do this or that in Photoshop/Lightroom. :)

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