Portrait Makeover Part 2 – Removing Pimples & Wrinkles

[singlepic=257,88,240,web20,left]Hi guys! And welcome to part 2 of my portrait makeover. In this Photoshop™ video tutorial, we’ll look at removing pimples and skin imperfections as well as reducing wrinkles. I’ll be using the healing brush for this technique.

I’m working on a photo of Steeve Michaud, international opera singer. To know more about Steeve and to see more of my images, you can check out his Website.

If you missed part one of the portrait makeover, you can check it out HERE.

You can also browse through my other video tutorials HERE.

In part 3, I’ll show you how to add some digital darkroom makeup! 🙂

[vimeo 1081278]

9 responses on "Portrait Makeover Part 2 - Removing Pimples & Wrinkles"

  1. I have photoshop 6 and I couldn’t find the healing brush….is there anyway to take off blemishes using this version. I’m not that good with it yet, but am learning with your tutorials.

    Another thing I can’t find is how to take off logos. I’ve tried some of these things on the side as I have some photos where the child wore a logo tshirt and also logos on computers and other items and I just can’t figure out how to get them off. Thanks Shirley

  2. to flatten image using native short cuts:

    Alt +L (release) F

    after you have done it a few times, it goes pretty quick.

  3. Thank You Yanik for a good tutorial…

  4. Hey, thx. I’m gonna try that someday cause up untill now I’m done it the newb way by selecting colors and just painting over it making it even messier in the end….

  5. Looking forward to your next tutorial. Great lessons. Thanks. The healing tool part was helpful for me, I used the clone tool a lot before. Whats about history brush in this case to get some wrinkles back a bit? bye Ben

  6. Until your tutorial, I didn’t realize that the regular healing tool’s source point doesn’t change (until you select another one), so this was very helpful. Thank you! smiles – Ann

  7. Yanik, yet again another interesting tutorial!
    I always find it interesting to see how other users employ tools within PhotoShop, as there are so many ways that one can achieve the same results. It is particularly interesting to note that many of us, like you prefer the ‘total control’ of some tools vs others tools.

  8. Thank you. I’ve always wondered about that healing brush and now I understand. Will give it a try!

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