Saving Serabie – The Fight Against Lion Hunting

In early 2014, I saw a post by Alexandra Lamontagne who was looking for someone to go with her to South Africa and shoot a documentary film about the horrible practice of lion hunting. I was touched by her story of wanting to save the life of one of the baby lions she helped raise as a volunteer for 2 months. I got in touch with her, told her in complete transparency that I was a commercial photographer/filmmaker and had never shot a documentary before. I was glad she chose me! I was completely outside my comfort zone and I loved it! I was a one-man crew shooting McGiver style with an old Canon XHA1 and an iPhone 4s!

With what’s going on in the global media with the American hunter Walter Palmer hunting and killing Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, I though it important to re-post my documentary Saving Serabie. As an image maker and story teller, it’s my obligation to raise awareness and step forward to create awareness of causes close to my heart. Animal cruelty is very high on that list.

My documentary was featured on the National Geographic Website and will have a world premiere screening in New York at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival on October 24th 2015.

After watching Saving Serabie, I invite you to visit Campaign Against Lion Hunting and sign the petition to Save Africa’s Lions (already more than 1 250 000 signed it!).

Thank you!

August 6, 2015

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