Should I Fly on Friday the 13th?

Hello fellow YPS readers!

I’m still in beautiful Miami just finishing up the Spa book photo shoot. I tell ya, I had a blast even though it was hard work. I’m flying back to Montreal tomorrow, Friday the 13th! I’m not a superstitious guy or else I would’ve picked another day but it makes me smile to see people around me think I’m some crazy “fate” dare devil. I also have a black cat and I do walk under ladders without really thinking about it. I have broken several mirrors and I consider myself a very lucky guy. 🙂

Actually, I’m just rambling on.

Over the course of 2 weeks, I shot 761 photos for the Spa book which roughly 420 to actually go into the book (yes, it’s a big book). Here in Miami we mostly shot in Steve’s (the author) backyard so controlling the light brought some interesting challenges. Stay tuned on Monday for a detailed lighting tutorial on an outdoor product shot I did for the book.

In the mean time, not to leave you empty-handed, here’s a fun tutorial from DPS on creating duotone images from a color photo.

See you on Monday back in the cold Canadian winter.

** The intro photo is me during the shoot in Cancun… ahhhhh… I miss it already!**

6 responses on "Should I Fly on Friday the 13th?"

  1. I have flown on the 13th. It’s fine, I guess Im not that superstitious.

  2. Yes
    It comes too often to let it rule your life

  3. Ignore the triskadecaphobes and have a nice flight.

  4. Have a safe trip! See you back on Monday … or not .. mwahahaha 😉

  5. I’m flying on friday too. Maybe it will be shorter lines in the sec control. Hoping

  6. I’m happy for you to have a good time down there. Snow is melting a bit over here so maybe the comeback won’t be too hard. Wish you a safe trip and eager to see the lighting tutorial.

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