The Moment it Clicks – Review


Book Title: The Moment it Clicks
Author: Joe McNally
Publisher: New Riders
# of pages: 256
Format: 9″ x 9″ soft cover
Target Audience: All photographers & general public
Content Theme: Technical – Autobiographical – Color Photography
Price: click here for info

One of my favorite magazine photographers of all time, Joe McNally, recently published a book called “The Moment it Clicks” published by New Riders and, of course, being a fan, I scooped one up ASAP. 🙂 I never thought I would be doing a review on it since the book seemed to target the professional photographer rather than the amateur. Boy was I wrong!

This book is for anyone who loves photography. Don’t be fooled by the soft cover. What you’ll find inside is more than 250 pages of beautiful and awe-inspiring photographs accompanied by a text full of experience and wealth. It’s the kind of book you can proudly leave on the coffee table for guests to peruse through.

I’m sure you’ll recognize many of his photos even if you’re not a photography buff since they splashed the pages of the top magazines like Time, Life and National Geographic, just to name a few. His humanistic approach transcends through his work, his passion.

His writing style is down to earth and quite personal. I actually feel like I got to know a very intimate part of him because of his openness and generosity. The texts are clear, to the point and rich with anecdotes related to the photographs. I had a feeling that Joe was beside me explaining the detailed events that got him to the final image. What more could a passionate photo lover want?!

If that wasn’t enough, Joe gives detailed technical explanations of how he actually did the shots! What a bonus! Not only did I learn more about Joe, I was flabbergasted by his technical generosity! Photographers would pay hundreds of dollars to get this type of hands-on information from a veteran like Joe. And you don’t need to be a pro with tons of equipment to take advantage of his tips. Simple things like his rear curtain flash explanation on page 90 was a moment when “it clicked” for me. Just that tip alone is worth more than the $35 I paid for the book!

The way it’s laid out makes for a fun and easy read. One page – one story – one photo. It Only takes a few minutes to read so you can actually keep it by the toilet (no offense Joe)! 😉 Not that you’ll only want to read it one page at a time since I ate through the book in 5 days.

I strongly recommend it to any photo enthusiast. It’s a 3 in1! A gorgeous photo book, an anecdotal biography and a technical photography seminar. How’s that for complete!

You can purchase the book through Amazon by clicking here.


Bonjour à tous!

[singlepic=85,159,240,,left]Je vous propose un excellent livre d’un de mes photographes préférés, Joe McNally. J’ai eu un plaisir fou à le lire! C’est 250 pages de photos pleine-page accompagées d’anecdotes sur la création de chaque image. En plus, vous trouverez un volet technique sur le “comment” de la photo. Un apprentissage inmesurable pour tout passionné de la photographie.

Le livre est offert en anglais seulement. Pour pouvez vous le procurer chez Amazon en cliquant ici.

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  1. Great review – just ordered my copy!

    I like Joe and I can’t wait to get this. Great work on the blog btw.


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