The Serious Side of Photography

If you want to make it as a pro photographer (or anything else for that matter), you got to take it seriously. Riiiiight… 😉 You know what I love about my job? Most of the time I don’t see it as a job. My motto is: “if I’m not having fun doing something, stop doing it.” And I can tell you that I’m having a blast as a photographer! 🙂 This post is all about letting your hair down. Keeping things light during a big shoot with the added pressure of producing cover shots.

This last shoot I was on as 2nd photographer and assistant helping out my good friend and fellow photographer Martin Perreault. We were shooting for the cover of a European magazine called Bizarre with model April Flores. It was a full day shoot with 5 different setups. To get it all done, the whole team had to work like clockwork.  Hair started at 8:00 am followed by makeup and wardrobe selection. At the same time, Martin and I got 3 sets ready with props and proper lighting. And guess what? I was the stand-in light tester. 🙂

And why just stand there and be so serious doing light tests? I do have a gooffy side and when you’re doing a 10 hour day, I like to make the team laugh a bit. They either laugh with me or at me. So I thought I would share with you Martin’s shots of me doing the light tests. So my simple lesson today is to have fun on your shoots and everyone around you will have fun too.











I’d like to leave you with the team shot at the end of the day. From left to right: Stylist Bianca , Hair Stylist Catherine, Moi, Model April, Photographer Martin, Makeup Catherine.


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  1. Thanks for the laugh Yanik, almost spilled my coffee on the keyboard a couple of times.


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