Portrait Makeover Part 1 – Whitening Teeth & Eyes

[singlepic=257,88,90,web20,left]I’ve decided to do a multi part video tutorial series on portrait touch-ups in Adobe Photoshop CS3. This way you can get a nice feel of my workflow when I retouch people’s faces instead of having random tutorials here and there not always being able to connect the dots. I hope you find them useful. Feel free to leave your tips and tricks by adding your comments. Spread the love! 🙂

In part 2, I’ll focus on removing skin imperfections and wrinkles. In part 3, I,ll go through… well… I’m not sure yet. It’ll be a surprise! 🙂

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[vimeo 1056994]

9 responses on "Portrait Makeover Part 1 - Whitening Teeth & Eyes"

  1. That was really helpful! I love how it sounds so simple when you talk about it 🙂
    Thanks a ton. 🙂

  2. @ D. Cohalla

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I use a little quicker method for the selection.
    Copy the layer, zoom in to part you’re working on, and use the quick mask tool with a medium brush with harder edges. Paint the mask on the part you want to adjust.
    Turn off the quick mask, and voila, you have your selection.
    One more step before you make the adjustments, as what you have now is a protected area…is to invert the selection.
    After inverting, adjust away and only the selected area is affected.

    Same basic idea as your selection, but IMO, a little quicker route to get there that doesn’t require as meticulous a method of selection.

  4. A very quick and effective way to whiten teeth that I’ve come across is a refinement of the hue -> desaturate technique.

    Select the area around the teeth with a simple elliptical marquee, go to image > adjustments > hue & saturation, and at the top of the hue & saturation dialog box, there’s a drop down box that’s set to master. Change it to ‘yellows’, then desaturate away and lighten as needed!

    This is much quicker, as the selection doesn’t have to be very complex – in general, nothing inside the mouth is going to have a yellow color that you want to keep that way. Selecting the yellows means that it doesn’t affect any other portion of the mouth as it is generally some shade of red.

  5. Great stuff.. beats messing with magic wand! And I never thought of doing a curve adjustment 🙂

    Thanks again,

  6. Thank you for the tutorial – brightening teeth and eyes has never been easier! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  7. Thanks, Yanik. I really your technique of Curves with lasso, since that has virtually no effect on much darker parts (ex. eyelashes) hard to avoid.

    Before reading your tutorial, I used the dodge tool, as you mentioned, or used the desaturation option on sponge, or brush tool to whiten, lighten, and desaturate.
    bright, white smiles – Ann

  8. great tutorials! since you asked for people to give their ways of doing this…I’ve retouched photos of people who don’t have the absolutely gorgeous teeth your models have and the dodge tool doesn’t work to take out more severe amounts of staining. I’ve found it helpful to use the hue/saturation set on the yellow mode and pull back on the saturation and up the brightness a bit. Then I history brush the whiter version back in. Sometimes a bit of a hue adjustment is needed just to keep everything looking natural. Anyhow…that’s one trick I’ve used. 🙂

    Looking forward to the skin retouching tutorial!

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