Who’s on my RSS feed?

I’ll be going on a slight tangent today. 🙂 I’ll be sharing with you who I subscribe to on my MyYahoo! page. This could help you find new hidden treasures! But first, I’d like to take a few lines to explain what RSS is to some readers that might not be aware of it or how it works. So if you’re an RSS person, just skip this part and check out who I read everyday.

Web 2.0 is changing the way we get information. To me, one of the greatest inventions is the RSS feed. Imagine choosing to see/read just what you want to read. That’s what RSS is all about. Let’s say your a sports fan and you get the daily paper delivered to your door but in the end all your read is the sports section. Wouldn’t it be nice just to receive the sports section? You can! On the Web that is. You can do it one of 2 ways.

1- You can get your RSS news via email. That means every time the Website you’re registered to on RSS updates it’s content, you get an automated email sent to your inbox with the updated content. Cool eh? Here on Yanik’s Photo School, you just need to click on “Get Updates Via Email”, fill in your email, confirm your email by clicking the link sent in your inbox, and that’s it! Sit back, relax and watch the updates automatically come into your inbox.

2- The other way to get the updates is by having them all on a web page like IGoogle, My Yahoo!, My MSN or My AOL. All of these pages are free and very easy to use. I prefer this way of getting my information because my email doesn’t get clogged up and I can have a bird’s eye view of what’s new in just a few seconds. I personally use My Yahoo! but they all work the same way. Once you’ve set your page up, if for example, you wanted to add Yanik’s Photo School, all you’d have to do is click on the “Get RSS Feed” just on the right here and plug it in you page! You’re basically building your own virtual newspaper. 🙂 Here an Image of what part of my page looks like.

OK, so let me share with you what’s on my virtual newspaper, aka RSS Feed (Photography related of course).

DP Review (check out my review)
Strobist (check out my review)
Nikonian News
DIY Photography (check out my review)
Digital Photography School (check out my review)
Joe McNally’s Blog
Photoshop Insider
Yuri Arcus
Chase Jarvis
Beyond Megapixels
Microstock Diaries
Photoshop User TV
Lightroom for Digital Photographers
– And, of course, Yanik’s Photo School to make sure my RSS works fine. 😉

There you have it! Now it’s time for you to share your photography related RSS feeds with the rest of us! Don’t be shy. We might all find a few hidden gems out there. 🙂

2 responses on "Who's on my RSS feed?"

  1. Salut Yannick,

    There is one new feed I discovered this week that I like and it is the following one;

    Yannick Photo
    http://yanikphotoschool.com 😉

    I did a little bit of photo when I was in CEGEP and recently got myself a DSLR.
    I like to read about photography and I like what you are doing.
    See below what’s on my feed list.
    Not all photography related… but all worth a look.
    Keep up the good work.

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips

    Alex Campagna

    Camera’s View

    Canon Rumors

    Digital ProTalk


    Jessica Claire – Photographer

    LIGHTING ESSENTIALS : For Photographers



    Shutterbug Source Photography Tips

    The-Digital-Picture.com – Canon Digital SLR, Lens and Accessory Reviews

    WHITEBALANCE.CA – Photography by Eric Charlebois

    The-Digital-Picture.com – Canon Digital SLR, Lens and Accessory Reviews

  2. Your RSS feed info is so useful that I added it to facebook, dugg it, and added some feeds I didn’t already subscribe to.
    Now I get Yanik’s Photoschool through RSS on homepage, rather than email – very neat, literally!
    Couldn’t get some feeds to show up on google homepage though, such as DPreview.

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