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Now that I’ve moved to beautiful Montreal I got myself a cell phone! I didn’t have one before because I lived so deep in the woods that none of the phone carriers reached me. That’s all in the past now. 🙂 Welcome to my IPhone world! 🙂

I’ve already started taking lots of photos with it and I find it fun. But what I like best is that I now have a camera with me ALL THE TIME. What that means is that the IPhone will make me a better photographer. And that makes me all giddy inside.

If you follow Chase Jarvis, you already know he’s an IPhone guy and takes tons of pics every day. And trust me, it’s no effort to do this… it’s FUN! 🙂 Well, I’ll also be tweeting photos over on Twitter.  I thought that it would make for a good learning experience to post daily photos of what’s around me. It’ll stimulate my creative juices. And hopefully you’ll get inspired by what you see and make you take out your camera even more. 🙂

Starting today, I’ll be tweeting at least 1 photo a day (maybe more) so if you’re not following me on Twitter yet, you can do so here. Feel free to leave comments as well. All the photos will be going straight from the IPhone to Twitter. I use the Twitfire app to tweet from my IPhone. I also found a few post processing apps where I can quickly and easily modify my image before sending it. I use Flex PhotoLab, Ezimba, iPurikura and CameraBag. Check them out if you have and Iphone.

Long live Twitter, the IPhone and creative photography! 🙂

Here are a few recent shots from my IPhone camera roll. See you on Twitter!

[nggallery id=37]
May 1, 2009

2 responses on "Yanik's Iphone Photo of the Day"

  1. @ Marvin

    I’ll only be twitting the photos. It’s too time consuming to post daily photos on a blog. With Twitter I can be spontaneous. I just open Twitfire, take a photo, add a bit of text and SEND. Done. 🙂

  2. Hey congrats on getting the iphone.
    Will you be just twitting the pictures or blog posting them?

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