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I’m just starting to dabble a bit in various social media so I’m almost a social media virgin. 🙂 A reader asked me if I was on Twitter and I wasn’t… yet. So I went and checked it out. It’s a nice little service that I think I’ll start using since some of you would prefer to be “Tweeted” instead of getting my updates via email. To follow my “Tweets” (aka blog updates) with Twitter, click HERE to go to my profile and click “follow”.

If you’re a social media junky or just a passer-by and you use any of the following social media, be sure to add Yanik’s Photo School to your list! All these groups are brand new so come on in big and fun! 🙂

I even started a Group on Flickr, so Flickr fans can now sign up and participate! Yanik’s Photo School on Flickr.

You can check out my group on Facebook HERE.

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So there you go! Yanik’s Photo School is now Web 2.0 compliant! 😉 See you in the Web-o-sphere! And don’t forget to use that little “bookmark” button at the end of each post to share my articles on the social media of your choice!

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