5 Reasons Why My iPhone is Now my Main Camera

Yesterday, I got up early, saw the beautiful clouds over the lake at sunrise and without hesitation, I grabbed my tripod and… my iPhone 6+ and started a time lapse. Not my Nikon 7100 DSLR. Why? For many reasons. Let me share them with you.

1- Easy setup: I rarely take time lapses so when I do and I use my DSLR, it always takes time figuring out where to set it all up in the menus. With my iPhone, I just need to select “time lapse” in the native camera app and press the shutter button. And if I want more control, I just use iTimeLapse Proitimelapse pro

2- Easy processing: With my DSLR, this step is a pain. A- Download the files to my computer. B- Use a video editing software like Adobe Premiere or a specialize time lapse software. C- Render it. On my iPhone, all of this is done automatically. No time wasted.

3- Sharing: This goes without saying that sharing photos or videos is a no contest for smart phones over DSLRs.

Now, this example was just for time lapse photography but it also applies to photos and videos. Being able to shoot, process and share easily on one device makes DSLRs look like antiquities.

We could argue forever on the pros of having a DSLR and I would probably agree with most of what is said. But in the end, if you’re not a pro or image fanatic, why even bother forking out all that money for a DSLR? Heck, now you can even get hybrid cameras that attach to your smart phone if you want a zoom or just a better image quality! Have a look at the Sony QX30 or the Kodak PixPro SL10.



4- Portability: Another issue I want to mention is portability. I travel a lot and yes, I do lug my DSLR with me because I’m both a pro and an image fanatic. 😉 But I have to admit that roughly 3/4 of my day to day travel photos are all shot and processed directly on my iPhone. I even got myself a nifty little Olloclip telephoto lens. 🙂 Lugging my DSLR around is just not practical.



5- Auto cloud backup: Sorry DSLR but you can’t automatically backup my photos to the cloud yet. I can do it via iCloud, Dropbox or other options. Again, the process with a DSLR is a long one.

That said, do I think you shouldn’t get a DSLR? Not a all. What I’m saying is to carefully study your options before pulling the trigger. Point and shoot cameras have also come a long way and some have basic editing features in camera as well as social sharing options.

For your enjoyment, here’s the aforementioned time lapse shot the other morning simply using my iPhone with the native time lapse feature. The title and music was added quickly via the iMovie app. 🙂

August 12, 2015

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  1. Yeah I was also thinking the same. I totally understand how much sharper and clearly dslr photos are but I’m finding it difficult to justify the cost of lenses and accessories that one must have where as (i know my s4 is outdated and isn’t as good with photo quality compared to what’s now available) I was able to take some really good impressive shots with my trusty old s4 when we went on a cruise last year and used it 80% more over the dslr. I say the portability and conveyances out weigh lugging a brick

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