Nikon’s Nikkor 70-200mm VR f2.8 Lens Review

[singlepic=281,320,240,web20,left]My favorite review Website for cameras, lenses and photo software, recently posted an in depth review of one of Nikon’s pro lenses; the Nikkor 70-200mm VR f2.8. You won’t find a more detailed review! My good friend and pro photographer Martin Perreault owns this lens and I did have the chance to play with it a few times even doing “non-scientific” test shots. It’s a great lens. I would strongly recommend it for anyone looking for a top quality FAST (f2.8) telephoto lens. If you’re planning on getting a Nikon full frame (FX) eventually, then this lens will compliment the Nikkor 24-70mm and will be great for tight studio shots. I personally opted for the Nikkor 18-200mm even though I loose some quality because I travel a lot and I was looking for a lightweight versatility.

Check out the complete review from DPReview here.

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