An Eventful Day

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’re probably aware of my car accident 2 days ago. It was pretty major but thank goodness I’m still in one piece.

I was stopped at a red light when a big truck decided to use me as a break. It worked! And the 4 vehicles in front helped out too. A little domino effect. Needless to say I got sandwiched.

Once I got my bearings back, I palpated my neck for pain and wiggled my toes. Ok, nothing major. I proceeded to slowly moving my neck and all was good (I’m a Phys.Ed. major, was massage therapist and know 1st aid). OK, where’s my IPhone? 😉 I finally found it behind my seat. It still worked! Called my best friend to tell him what happened and took my 1st photo.


Thank goodness for air bags! I tried leaving the car on my side but the door was jammed so I got out from the passenger side.  The firemen got there first and did a preliminary health assessment. then I took a few souvenir shots that I posted on Twitter.




I had a nice ambulance ride with a very flattering cervical collar. Sexyyyyyyyy!


Everything went smoothly at the hospital. I was in and out within 90 minutes.  And they even served me a 5 course meal. Mmmmmmmmmmm. ok, maybe not. 😉


What’s really funny about this is that I was on my way to FedEx my lighting equipment to my next client so I had my lights in the trunk.


Off course, they were in a shock-proof Pelican case but would they survive a 50km/hour (30 miles/hour) impact? Let’s have a look…


broken handle and hinges and cracked body, hmmmmmmm


oh… there is hope! 🙂




I guess not….

Oh well. Thank god for insurance.

The important thing is that I’m safe and sound and that I can keep on feeding you great tutorials on Yanik’s Photo School.  🙂

The lesson here is to keep your cool and to stay positive. I’m looking at the positive side. I’m getting free brand new photo gear and a new car! 🙂 How cool is that.

I would like to thank everyone on Twitter for your support!

17 responses on "An Eventful Day"

  1. Gee….what a grate oportunity to see life different. I must say (like the rest of the guys) I’m glad you’re ok. Although I was surprised one of the first things you did was to take pictures…natural born photographer!
    Hope you recover soon!…cheers from El Salvador.

  2. thanks for all your valued support guys!

    They told me that I would probably feel a lot more pain in the next few days once the adrenaline goes away but I actually feel better. My neck is still stiff but no pain.

  3. Oh my! Really really glad you survived all this! 🙂

  4. thank god u ok ^^

    as in saudi arabia we say ” thank god for ur safety ”
    am really glad u still ok, and we r wing for u ^^

  5. You can tell you are a photographer when the first thing you do is take a picture immediately after the accident! Nothing like being true to your craft.

    Glad you are ok and I hope they charge the truck driver with reckless driving or something…

  6. I love how you always see the positive…glad you’re ok mate!

  7. Wow, I hope you’re ok!!!

  8. Ur a hero!
    Glad ur safe and sound!!!!!

  9. Geeze, Yanik! I’m glad you’re in good shape.

    I had the exact same thing happen to me on the Coast Highway in Malibu many a moon ago, with a trunk full of Sinar 4×5 gear in Pelican cases; everything survived in my case but my big Majestic tripod, which was uncased. Fortunately, I was on my way from, not to, a shoot, and had other tripods in the studio to use while I waited for a new Majestic.

    Actually, my real fear was for the exposed films in their holders, but those were in a Pelican also and came through fine.

    Got a new car out of it, of course…


  10. damn…. I am glad you are ok….. wow on those photos

  11. Wow. I’m very glad you’re OK! That must have been a very nerve-wracking experience. Here’s the new car and the new lighting equipment!

  12. Important thing is that you’r safe and sound like you said.

    Can not help it every time I see the picture you have taken of yourself, I smile! 🙂 You look so happy 🙂 (

    Greetings from Sweden


  13. Please.. Yanik,
    Please don’t ever try out how impact-resistant your Pelican case is in this manner again.

    Good to know you’re ok.

    Take care

  14. Hi Yanik,
    Oh my. this does not sound like a good experience at all. I am glad to see that you;re safe AND getting some new flashes.

  15. I’m happy you are ok Yanik. The most impressive part is you survived the hospital meal! 😉

  16. I am glad to hear you are ok and were not severely injured in the car accident. I understand you are getting a new car and photo gear. Choose wisely especially on the photo gear…too much to choose from!!!

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