And the Crickets are Chirping at YPS

Hello Everybody!

It’s been a while since I posted… November… but not to worry. I’m in good spirits! 🙂

The reason why the crickets are chirping here is that I’m super busy on other important projects in my personal and professional life. On a personal level, I’m moving house in a few weeks so you can imagine that the last few months or so have been hectic to say the least. I’m in boxes up to my wazu!

And professionally… I can’t really give you details right now but you’ll know soon enough when all the wheels will be set in motion.  So you can deduce that it’s still photography related. My passion for photography is alive and well and, to be completely honest, I’m currently writing tutorials for this new venture! Once a teacher, always a teacher. I’m really motivated with this new venture and I hope you’ll be too! It should all come together within the next few months.

I wish I could split myself in 2 or even 10 but alas I am but one mortal. In life, priorities shift and for the moment, this means slacking off on YPS.

I’m writing to you so as to not leave you in the dark on what’s going on here at YPS. The site  isn’t dead, it’s just hibernating for a little while.

All right guys, time to go to another early meeting for this new venture (or should I say adventure). The magic is in the air and I can’t wait to share it with you! 🙂

3 responses on "And the Crickets are Chirping at YPS"

  1. Make that two! Glad you’re keeping busy Yanik, looking forward to an announcement of the ‘new project’ 🙂

  2. The site might be hibernating, but you still have at least one person watching the newsfeed. Good luck with the house and the new photo venture!

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