Before and After Photos from NYC

Well, as you already know, I had a blast in NYC! It was 5 days well spent in great company. My good friend and fellow photographer Martin Perreault and I crashed at our buddy’s place Joey Lawrence.

So what do 3 pro photographers do in New York City? Shoot the hell out of it! 🙂

On our first walk, we went to the Brooklyn Bridge and did a quick lighting setup using SB-800s. Check out the lighting tutorial if you missed it! We took turns shooting each other and the results were fantastic. Lots of people stopped are stared thinking we were shooting for some top magazine. 🙂

Ok, but this post isn’t about that. 🙂 It’s about post processing. The before and after photos. So let’s get right to it. Oh, you’ll notice that I started a new category in the TUTORIALS called “Before & After” since I plan to do more of these. 🙂

[vimeo 4988725]

Here are more photos from my trip.

[nggallery id=38]

Oh, and this 360 degree panorama shot of Times Square. Stay tuned for a panorama tutorial as well. 🙂


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  1. @ mypaisa

    yes and yes. 🙂 What I mean is that it all depends. Sometimes I’ll shoot with post processing in mind and other times it c only come to me in the digital darkroom. This was the case for the NYC pics.

  2. This was great – I especially liked what you did with the 2nd photo. When you click off ashot, do you already have your post-processing ideas in mind, or do you go through your photos afterward and decide what you want to do? If you decide ahead of time, what kind of adjustments do you do based on your after effects? Did you start your collection in NYC knowing you wanted to do a lot of desaturated pics, or did you decide that after you looked at your shots?

  3. Surprised you weren’t arrested as terrorists planning to blow up the bridge!

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