Behind the Scenes of the Joan of Arc Photo Shoot

A while back I had the pleasure of being part of a wonderful team of creators that all gave their time and talent for a very special photo shoot. My friend and talented makeup artist Catherine Lavoie, had a vision for doing a fashion shoot depicting the 5 stages of Joan of Arc’s (Jeanne d’Arc) life. She started by drawing colored sketches of her vision and from there assembled her team to bring her imagination into reality.

Shot over 2 days at the BlahBlah studio here in Montreal, the team gelled well together and we all had a blast! The photographer
was Dugraff, a Montreal-based fashion photographer. Off course, makeup was done by Catherine herself and assisted by Audray Adam. Hair was done by Catherine Allard, one of the top Canadian colorists for Loréal Redken. Marie-Josée Lamothe and Marie-Leigh Toure were our 2 talented stylists. Behind the scenes video was done by yours truly. 🙂

As you guys can see, I’m really enjoying shooting more and more video. I’m slowly taming the beast that is Adobe Premiere and loving the whole process. By showing you my videos, I’m not asking you to start shooting movies. The message I want to convey is to keep being challenged by things your enjoy doing. Keep the creativity flowing.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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7 responses on "Behind the Scenes of the Joan of Arc Photo Shoot"

  1. Great vid and photos! Like the theme very much. Good job!

  2. Love the behind the scene video and the final images are awesome! Great team, production and overall vision.

  3. Yanik;

    Loving your web presence, and really enjoyed this video. I am now teaching Photography and Communications at St. Francis Xavier High School in Ottawa south, would love to see you again and have you come and talk to my students, if you are coming back Ottawa way!

    Michael Scott (formerly of Orleans and RA Photo Clubs)

  4. Wow, great videos and post. Wonderful job!

  5. What a great production and the images are stunning! I love the video work…very powerful.

    You should post this up on

    This definately needs to be put out there.

  6. Nice vid and for the looks, seems the resulting photos were very good…
    Was it just a photoshoot for the fun of it or are the images made for promo for the MA? seems quite a big production.

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