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dps2If you were curious enough to check out my Useful Links section you would notice a link to the Digital Photography School created by Darren Rowse. I find this blog/forum to be a treasure chest full of fantastic information for both amateur and professional photographers. When I have a few minutes, I like to browse the forums and soak up information. Maybe even post a comment or two if I feel that I can contribute useful information. Here are the details….

Website: Digital-Photography-School.com

Owner: Darren Rowse

Main subject: Photography Education

Target Audience: Beginner and intermediate photographers

Content Theme: Education

About DPS


DPS is all about learning and sharing what you know about photography. It’s forum-based with clear categories like: “Share your Shots”, “How I took it” and “Macro Photography” just to name a few. It’s not a formal school of photography as it’s focused on members sharing information with other members.

Darren took a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for you…

1- What can a amateur photographer expect from DPS?

DPS has always been designed with the amateur photographer in mind. While we have a few Pros using the site too it is the normal person with a digital camera who wants to go to the next level in their use of it that we have in mind as we write our tutorials and tips.Really what we’re about is helping people to get out of Auto mode and grab a little more creative control of their camera. We do this in three main ways:

1. The Blog (digital-photogrpahy-school.com/blog) which has daily tips and tutorials on a range of types of photography
2. The Forum (digital-photography-school.com/forum) which is much more reader driven and is all about sharing photos, community and helping one another improve through Q&A, critique and reader written reviews and tutorials.
3. The Newsletter – which is a weekly summary of the blog and forum activity and a great way to keep in touch with the latest digital camera gear coming onto the market.

2- How do you see the future of DPS?

The site has gone through wonderful growth since being launched two years ago. We have hundreds of thousands of readers each week and as a result the community just keeps growing.In the coming year I’m hoping to do a complete redesign of the blog and forum and also hope to start a second blog with a ‘cameras and gear’ focus. Other than that we’re purely focusing upon producing the most helpful content on digital photography that we can.

3- How can new members contribute to DPS?

There are numerous ways to connect with DPS. You can subscribe to the blog, become a member of our forum or signup for our newsletter for starters.

However if you want to actually contribute something to the community we’re always on the lookout for guest writers on the blog and people to kick of great discussions in our forums. I’d welcome your email via our contact form if you feel like you have something to contribute.

DPS is a great site that perfectly compliments Yanik’s Photo Blog. I invite you to read some of the useful article and check out the forums. You might be surprised to see how quickly time flies when you’re learning! 🙂

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