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It’s time for me to review another great Website for you to enjoy (You can check out all my website reviews here). Yes, I know you love it here but remember that one of the reasons you keep coming back is that you always learn something new. For me to post great content, I have to be inspired and I do that by constantly searching the Web and learning myself. And today’s no exception.

Let me introduce you to DIY Photography. If you’ve never heard the expression DIY, it stands for “do it yourself”. DIYP is dedicated to giving you tips on how to do photography related “stuff” on your own. It could be anything from all aspects of studio equipment to some really neat post processing.

Website: DIY Photography

Owner: Udi Tirosh

Main subject: Effective Photography on the cheap

Target Audience: Beginner and intermediate photographers

Content Theme: Education

I’ve been exchanging a few emails with the owner of DIY Photography, Udi, and I can tell you that he’s a great guy who’s mission is very similar to mine: helping out fellow photography passionates like you. The site is updated frequently so your hungry photography brain is always fed. 🙂 I’m subscribed to the RSS feed on My Yahoo! page and I love checking out the new articles.

Some of my favorite articles are:

Creating your own Bokeh
Making your own softbox
DIY Hand Strap

To sum it all up DIYP is all about creative people doing creative projects to improve their photography skills without having to spend a ton of cash. You can even check out the active forum on the DIYP Flickr Group. See ya there! 🙂

2 responses on " - Review"

  1. Ahh, yes. I have that bookmarked on my RSS for quite a while now.
    Great site.

    I didnt win the PortraitProfessional competition though 🙁 *cries*….lol

  2. Hi Yanik,
    Thanks for the great introduction.
    You’re building quite a nice resource here on the school. very clear and fun to read.I’ll stay tuned.

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