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[singlepic=82,154,240,,left]Did you know that since I’m a professional photographer and teacher I know everything about photography? I’m sure you do! 😉 So much so that I often get asked for help and my “professional” opinion in choosing everything from small point-and-shoot to pro body cameras, to lenses and.. well… just about anything related to photography. I’m always glad to help! But I figured that today I would let you in on one of my secrets to helping you choose photo gear better. When you ask me whether you should get this Canon or that Nikon, the first thing I do is go to my favorite camera review site…. DP Review.

[singlepic=84,320,240,,left]There’s no place better on the Internet than DP Review! It’s THE #1 place on the net for all types of camera and lens reviews. I even have the site on my RSS feed on myYahoo! page. So whether you’re planning on purchasing a new camera, a new lens or even photography related software, is the place to go, hands down!

The camera reviews are in depth. We’re talking roughly 10 to 26 pages depending on the camera. So make sure you have some time on your hands to get the nitty gritty of it all. And trust me when I say it’s worth the read. You’ll learn a lot about how a camera works at the same time.

A feature that I really enjoy is the side by side comparison. You just ad the cameras you want to compare, press a button and voilà! All the details you could ask for in one easy to understand table. From price, to review links to all the specs. It’s just wonderful! 🙂

[singlepic=83,320,240,,left]DP Review also has very active discussion forums. Drop by and ask a question or post sample shots. You’ll find like-minded photographers willing to share and help out.

Just for fun, I invite you to check out the review on your camera. You might just learn a thing or two about it! 🙂


Bonjour à tous!

Si vous planifiez vous acheter une caméra ou vous voulez lire une critique détaillée de votre caméra actuelle, je vous invite à visiter le site DP Review. C’est le site #1 sur l’internet. Vous y trouverez des 100aines de critiques incluant celles de lentilles, un forum très actif et même un tableau de comparaison claire et très détaillé. Bon surfing!

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