Exploring Small Strobes – Speedlight Accessories

Welcome to my latest guest post on DIYPhotography.net! 🙂

This is the last in this DIYP series…. for now. 2009 is starting with a bang with 2 back to back book shoots what will keep me out of trouble until the end of March. So just maintaining YPS will be a challenge in itself.

If you missed the first 3 parts of my “Exploring Small Strobes” series, you can check them out:

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In part 4, I look at some of the major accessories you can use to modify your speedlight’s lightsource. I talk about various light diffusers and light restrictors as well as color correction.

Click here to view the tutorial!

2 responses on "Exploring Small Strobes - Speedlight Accessories"

  1. Hi there Yanik!

    I only hit your site a two days ago but have gone through many of your posts and you are definitively going into my Google Reader account!!

    Thanks for all the info you are placing here and please keep up with the good work.

    Regards from Spain.

  2. Thanks for the small strobes series Yanik. I’m new to off camera lighting, but have been absorbing the strobist DVD and Zack Arias’s Onelight DVD series – great resources. There’s no match for getting out there and shooting – so I tracked down our local strobist meetup via Flickr and have been learning a ton from other photographers – highly recommended!

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