Happy Birthday YPS!

I just can’t believe it.  Yanik’s Photo School is already 1 year old! How time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂

I would like to start by saying thank you to all who have spent time on YPS learning from my tutorial ramblings. You are  my motivation. You keep the flame of my teaching passion lit. You push me to better myself in my art and my profession. This will sound cliché but without you, YPS would have died a long time ago. A special thank you goes out to Darren Rowse over at Digital-Photography-School.com and Udi Tirosh at DIYPhotography.net for generously offering to share my tutorials through their sites.

My first post went live on this day last year and I never thought YPS would grow this fast. YPS currently has over 1800 loyal RSS readers, close to 100 000 page views per month and a total of  75 photography tutorials. What an incredible journey!

What have I learned this last year? Tons!I learned…

– how to design, redesign and redesign a blog.
– that what I thought would only be about 1 day a week of my time to keep the blog going ended up being a heck of a lot more!
– that each thank you message that I got and keep getting from you is a ray of sunshine in my day.
– to push my post processing and photography skills further through your questions and suggestions.
– and so much more…

So… when it’s someone’s birthday, it’s tradition to give presents, right? 🙂 So, to celebrate Yanik’s Photo School‘s 1 year anniversary, I’m giving you, my loyal YPS reader, a chance to win the soon to be famous YPS SCHOLARSHIP! You heard me. A scholarship. And not just any scholarship. Through the generosity of Scott Kelby and Kelby Training, one lucky person will win a 1 year membership to Kelby Training’s online courses! Stay tuned for more details very very soon.

I’m looking forward to see what YPS will bring in its 2nd year of life. 🙂 It should be as great of a ride as year one… probably even better!  🙂 Keep on reading, watching, commenting and learning. I hope you like the new banner and subtle background change.


16 responses on "Happy Birthday YPS!"

  1. “Hi” there,

    Thanks for a Wonderful year ! …
    I always watch your tutorials, and I must say. “I have learrned many procedures”, and how to fix photographs. I want to really want to say your short tutorials are well done. Thank you !

    I must not forget….”Happy Birthday” to “YPS” ~!~

  2. Hapy B-Day YPS!
    Thanks 4 everything.. 😉

  3. Dear Yanik;

    A very happy anniversary to you with thoughts of many more to come. Thanks so much for all your insightful posts of wisdom, keep up the great work. It was great seeing you at the Interclub at the RA the other day, thanks to you for my 1st place on topic slides! I hope to have you in to talk to my classes when I am back to teaching next year. All the best to you, I hope everyone realizes what a tremendous amount of work blogging tutorials are and what a great resource you offer.

    Take care,

    Michael Scott

  4. Congratulations Yanik! While there are many, many photo sites available, I really enjoy the way you present the material. Keep up the great work!


  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your work and effort. The best photography blog on the net. I check it every day and refer back for refreshers.


  6. Happy Birthday and congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  7. Congratulation Yanik, keep up the wonderful work. I really appreciate the energy you put into your blog and I cannot express my gratitude for your very interesting tutorials. Thanks a lot.

  8. Happy Birthday Yanik 🙂 I have been an YPS reader right from the beginning and I think it’s a wonderful site. Looking forward to another year of inspirational posts 🙂

  9. Hi Yanik,
    Keep on the great work here.
    And happy, happy bday.

  10. Hey Yanik! Although I’m a YPS reader for just about a month and i visit every day instead of RSS feeding, I gotta say it’s REALLY NICE. Thank YOU for establishing YPS and doing that much for all of us. I wish YPS much more years comming, let’s say 20 at least ;-D. Nope, it’s (and you are) excellent. Just…keep it going

  11. Happy birthday Yanik. As you said, time flies. I didn’t think it was already one year since you made the switch from your blog to Yanik’s photo school. Keep up the good work, we are many who appreciate what you are doing.

    Good luck in your future projects!


  12. Hello Yanik,

    That`s so cool – you know today 5th of April is my Birthday as well ( :

    I discovered your blog recently – but am not a devoted follower .

    Congratulations !

  13. Happy Birthday, indeed!
    Found you through Jules Bianchi and I love it!
    I also love Scott Kelby and his no nonsense approach to Photoshop.
    It’s my birthday month as well (tomorrow actually!)

    Thanks for always sharing.

    Susan from Minneapolis

  14. you’re some man for one man….thanks for sharing your knowledge, yps is a resource I just can’t live without since finding it. Here’s to many happy returns 😉

  15. Happy Birthday and congrats!! Keep up the hard work….

  16. Whoa, a year already? I remember the first tutorial – you posted it on the iStockPhoto forums and purely by chance (I hardly ever read the forums) I saw it and clicked through. Your RSS feed has been in my inbox ever since!

    I’ve learned so much over the past year… no matter how trivial the lesson may seem, it’s the simple things (well explained) that are the most useful. I’d say that 75% of my CS3 skills are built on foundations from Yanik’s Photo School 😀

    Sure, there are other tutorial blogs out there, but YPS seems to be all I need!

    Thanks Yanik!


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