Happy Holidays from YPS! :)

I would like to take a few minutes and wish all of the YPS followers and their loved ones warm wishes for this wonderful holiday season. May your holidays and 2010 be filled with love, joy and most of all…. tons and tons of photos!!! 😉

What are your photography related resolutions for 2010?

Mine are:

– Keep on learning and improving my art through you and Yanik’s Photo School
– Meeting some of the pro photographers that have influenced me along my wonderful journey as a photographer
– Giving back at a deeper level than photography (big project here)

Inspire us and share yours with us!!! 🙂

Happy Holidays!


4 responses on "Happy Holidays from YPS! :)"

  1. Although I think that people may celebrate christmas in different ways, it’s still christmas, but Ok, agreed, let’s stay on the topic called photography.

    All the best

  2. @ Andreas

    Thank you for sharing your opinion on how you view this holiday season. As mentionned by Ulf, many people around the world celebrate this period in many many different ways.

    But this blog isn’t about religious views. 🙂 It’s about photography. So I would like suggest to stay on topic. 🙂

    Again, wishing you love, joy and an open mind.


  3. Yanik,

    I wish you lots of love from your family and friends for the holidays, specially for today’s christmas day.

    I really enjoy your blog and all of your tips and tricks, you make life in the office bearable for an amateur photographer, thanx.


    @ Andreas:
    I am not sure your comment was meant as a joke, but if it was meant seriously, I think it is quite narrow-minded.
    We call it the holiday season, because it is not Christmas everywhere and for everybody. There was Hanukkah just some days ago; in Russia and Ukraine the first important holiday is New Year, only then comes Christmas (6th of January). For still others, it is winter solstice. The list goes on …

    So I hope – in the spirit of the holidays – it was a private joke between you too, and I am apologizing in advance for sticking my nose in.

  4. May I add something? It’s not “holiday”, or “wonderful holiday season”.
    Who thought you so? You might be surprised, but the word for these days you could not find is CHRISTMAS.

    Your non-photography related resolutions for 2010 could be to find out why you have some days off that you call holiday. Another idea could be to take the bible or to visit the mass and to change your PC speech from holiday to christmas.

    Yes my friend. It Christmas. Maybe you children would ask you one day, so I thought I would let you know.

    Blessed Christmas

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