My 1st entry

I decided to create a blog because I had nothing else better to do! Hahahaha! Or better yet, I’m a masochistic workaholic who wants to have a burnout before I reach my next birthday!

Actually, I was looking at a way to keep every one informed about ALL the Image-Y websites… in one place…. to actually save me some work! 🙂 What’s fun about the blog is that I’ll also include personal experiences as well.

This blog will eventually replace my mailing lists therefore I invite you to sign up to the RSS feed (top right) to be kept informed every time I update the blog.

All the best,


1 responses on "My 1st entry"

  1. Ciao Yanik, I’m an italian man and I’m a Serena’s friend and job collegue; the italian tuorist than you meet in Canada few years ago. She forward to me your message regarding your new blog, I’ve seen some of your photos in your blog and in mails than you send in the past to Serena.

    Eventually I show you some of my photos for an your comment (I like too much to take photos, but in traditional way, not in digital way).

    See you soon on web, best regards

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