How to Create a Web Photo Gallery in Photoshop – Video Tutorial

Many of you enjoyed my Lightroom video tutorial on creating a Web photo gallery. But some of you wrote in and let me know that since you didn’t have Lightroom, would it be possible to do a web photo gallery in Photoshop? The answer is yes! 🙂 I have to admit that since Lightroom, I haven’t touched this feature in Photoshop since Lightroom provides a lot more flexibility and cooler visuals. But the option is there and the galleries are good and customizable.

So let’s get right to it, shall we.

[vimeo 3023253]


Here are some great books from the YPS bookshelf.


[youtube 5nErx_T5g4g]

4 responses on "How to Create a Web Photo Gallery in Photoshop - Video Tutorial"

  1. Teri, DeEtta, Jean-Claude and all of you, who don’t know it yet…
    You will have to upload all the folder via software called “ftp client” to your page/blog… You can use for example “FileZilla” which is free and works pretty well…
    Regards and good luck .::mIIRa::.

  2. Hi: Thank you for this very good tutorial.
    Like the 2 other viewers, I have the web photo gallery in my textgallery folder.
    But what next? I was unable to e-mail my photo gallery.
    Thks for answering. Jean-Claude

  3. I agree with Teri, it is surprisingly easy to create but I would love to know how to insert in into a page on my website? Do I just insert the media into a table? Thanks, and I love your tutorials!

  4. Hope this finds you with a glass in your hand and the sand between your toes in Cancun. I enjoyed this video but was wondering about how to apply it. You create a photo gallery in the special file, but how do you use it? Can you use it on a blog? Insert into email? Have a blast in Cancun. It’s my resort home (Casa Maya) but I haven’t returned in almost 20 years! Teri in CR

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