How to Create Actions in Photoshop – Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will be part of a of  new Category I created on YPS called “Optimizing Workflow“. This category will include tutorials to make your photography workflow more efficient and less time-consuming. This could be in post processing, lighting, pre-shoot….

First up are Photoshop actions.  What’s an action, you might ask? Simply put, it’s a series of commands that are made and recorded. The complete list of commands between “record” and “stop” is your action.  Photoshop comes with some default actions but what’s most important is that you can create your own. This is what I’ll be showing you in this Photoshop video tutorial.

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[vimeo 2875411]


Here are some great books from the YPS bookshelf.


[youtube 5TsXQR5NUUA]

6 responses on "How to Create Actions in Photoshop - Video Tutorial"

  1. This is exactly what I was look in for except I need to do it to multiples of files in a folder at a time…’batch process the actions on multiple photos’ which you mentioned you were going to teach next. Is it on a tutorial anywhere, did I miss it, or haven’t you done the tutorial yet? Again, you make it soooo easy. Thanks! (Please advise by return email)

  2. nice when i see your tutorials i get more experience thanks for this its very helpful for us…..

  3. Thanks so much for helping us novices out. You are such a great teacher! You make it so easy to understand.

  4. I had never used this and will now. thanx

  5. Thanks!! I have been wanting to create an action for an HDR recipe I have:) I will give that a go tonight! Thanks again, you are awesome!

  6. Great stuff! Yet another feature which I always ignore… until now! I’m already thinking of the cool things I could do with this 😀

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