How to Take Perfect Family Photos – Assignment!

It’s time for your first ever YPS assignment! What would a school be without any homework, right? 😉

So there I was, starting to write my next article on how to take perfect family photos when it hit me… “most of my readers have families, so most of them should be taking great family photos!”

This is how it’s going to work. Please follow the rules or else I’ll fail you! Hahaha!

1- This is a “steps” article so you must submit steps to perfect family photos. If you’re not sure how to write it up, check out my other steps tutorials for guidance.

2- In the comments, submit only 1 step …. so make it your best one!

3- If you have an image to support your step please post the link in your comment (you must own the copyright to the image)

4- Do not write a step that has already been suggested. The 1st one to write the step “wins”. So please read the comments carefully. 🙂

5- You have until 9pm EST on Sunday November 23rd to submit your entry.

6- If you are the 1st one to write the step and it is chosen for the post, you will be given full credit with your name and link. If you have submitted a photo link, the photo may or may not be used.

That’s it! To your keyboards and write away!

* The final article will be published some time next week.

4 responses on "How to Take Perfect Family Photos - Assignment!"

  1. Have a lighting setup before you get everyone together for a shot.
    At times my kids and wife don’t have the patience to wait till I finish fiddling with my gear. I usually place all the gear where I want to take the picture and then just let them play / read / watch TV. they have no alternative then to walk into my “studio”

  2. Try arranging and taking a shot of your family without having them look into the camera. Have them interact with each other, in some different ways. The result will be much more intriguing than the standard “we stand in a row and smile for the camera” shot. ^^

  3. Have the subjects wear a similar color clothes and arrange them in a pleasing angle so the eye flows through the scene. Arrange them in a triangle, with the larger person in the middle back and others flowing out by size.

  4. Stop down your lens! When shooting family portraits, it’s pretty common that you’ll be in at least two separate rows (parents/children, boys/girls, etc.) You want to make sure you stop down your lens to at least f/4 to make sure you get enough depth of field to have both rows of members sharp.

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