Learning Project from DIY Photography!

There are literally thousands of photography contests on the Net with all sorts of prizes (or not) and all sorts of ways to win these prizes. I don’t bother mentioning them here since Yanik’s Photo School’s mission is all about photography learning and not about winning prizes. But if both can be combined in an original way then I would owe it to you, my loyal readers, to point it out.

My good buddy Udi over at DIY Photography started a unique contest with an educational twist that I found interesting. It’s all about sharing, learning and teaching. The objective is quite simple. Partner up with someone in your area and exchange a piece of gear that you’ve never used (SHARING). Play with it, learn from it (LEARNING), and then write a review about it (TEACHING). How cool is that!

So don’t just stand there. Go check it out and see what you could win! 🙂

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