Off Campus Learning Links for August

It’s time for the August off campus learning links ad there are quite a few this week! So lets get right to them, shall we?

D-Town TV

D-Town TV did a 5 part series on lenses which a re just superb, especially if you’re just getting into photography with a DSLR. Of course, it’s Nikon oriented but even if you don’t use the Nikon system, you’ll learn some very useful stuff.

Lenses Part 1
Lenses Part 2
Lenses Part 3
Lenses Part 4
Lenses Part 5

Creative Light

Creative Light, a maker of light modifiers and studio gear has some great video lighting tutorials out on Youtube so I thought it woud be great to put all 4 right here! 🙂 I love these kinds of lighting videos.

[youtube pbM_7ZmtgPE]

[youtube b8lykLzzL1A]

[youtube XwyvOBIpxGs]

[youtube HG5ngE-wKcA]

Have you lost or broken your lens hood? Not to worry because there’s a site out there called that has pratically all the lens hood paterns out there.  Just print out yours, cut it out and put it on your lens! How cool is that!

Over at DIY Photography, Udi posted a great video on biulding you mini studiofor creating pure white backgrounds on the cheap. Check it out.

BYU Photo

Finally, I leave you with 2 cool lighting videos by BYU Photo. Breaking a piggy bank many piggy banks and shooting a football team on the salt flats (gawd I’d love to shoot there!).

[youtube 37HsBmc7XAw]

[youtube 8b1C7YS4fho]

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